Always great service!

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 2/24/2019

Carlos and his team were amazing! He was friendly, knowledgeable and he had amazing communication skills. I like that he took the time to walk me through the steps of my car repair and the issues that caused the problem. The service was great and he will get all my car service business for all three of my cars moving forward.

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 2/22/2019

i gave you five stars carlos in the family every time i take my car to your shop you in ur family do good job even for the littlest things i dont have no problem having you as my mechanic

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 2/19/2019

This is a great service that they did for my car. The customer services is very good and friendly. I'm totally happy with their services. I definitely will come back. Thank you .

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 2/16/2019

The service is good and quick, their customers service is very nice and friendly. I'm so satisfied. Thank you :)

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 2/16/2019

i like the work day do on my car good work

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 2/15/2019

Amazing as always!

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 2/11/2019

For too many years I believed INCORRECTLY that with all of the expense of diagnostics involved with assessing repair issues with the latest generation of vehicles I was DOOMED to having to rely on a dealership. I had previously owned 2 other cars as the ORIGINAL '86 Honda Accord which gave me 300000 TROUBLE FREE miles and a '96 Volvo 850 which gave me over 500000 mostly trouble-free miles for the 15 years I drove it but was still able to be diagnosed and repaired by independent mechanics for a much more reasonable price. In 2012 I became the owner of a Subaru Imprezza and dealer dependent. For many years the engine drank oil and the service centers(I tried them ALL) failed to mention that there was a warranty involved where the engine block would have been replaced and the oil consumption virtually ELIMINATED. Too many wasted containers of $30 jugs of 0W20 Full synthetic before a newly arrived customer service person advised me that I should have had the engine rebuild and "arranged" for it to be done with...a $500 "deductible"...WOOHOO?!!

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 2/7/2019

Nice professional.

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 2/1/2019

I am very glad to inform the public that the customer service is excellent and the price is exceptional low compare to the other repair shops in town.

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 1/31/2019
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