Excellent service, highly recommend it.

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 2/22/2018

Awesome service

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 2/20/2018


5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 2/10/2018

Excellent service on my keep thanks guys

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 2/7/2018

You always work 100% great o

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 1/23/2018

Awesome service.

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 12/19/2017

Carlos & his team of mechanics were most helpful and professional. Ive had some painful experiences right after moving here from Alaska, and not knowing a reputable and honest mechanic just added to the anxiety; but, I came to meet CG and from their receptionist to the mechanic, I have nothing but good things to say about this family! Thanks guys!!!:-)

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 12/14/2017

This is a FULL REVIEW, EXPECT DETAILS: This was by far the most wonderful experience I have had spending dollars for the MAJOR work my vehicle needed. The customer service feels family oriented and for those of you to whom it matters, there is an encouraging note of faith in their work and their "clients" well being. As you are not a customer here, but rather a client. Unfortunately for me, after delaying these repairs for months I was faced with an out of town trip that would be the last run for the repairs needed before a major malfunctioning. I googled repair shops near me on a business trip to Orlando and found C&G with really positive reviews. Much like the repairs shop I use when back home. I always look for words that elicit emotional response from clients as there is typically nothing more emotional than paying money to have Ines car repaired, along with other inconveniences that come along with the car being inoperable for any period of time I saw words like, "honest" and "reliable," "fair" and "friendly, "welcoming" and "like family." These words convinced me to test these sentiments. I called and was offered to have my vehicle inspected as soon a single could get to their shop. Here's the details: I had given them my car symptoms and mentioned one other thing that needed attention to see if they would attempt to price going me or to quite the highest values and urge me to repair everything at once. I listened as they spoke with other clients about the needs of their vehicles and noticed that each customer representative actually cared about the people and not the profit margin first. After my vehicle was inspected, I was taken into an office where I was showed in digital form with pictures and easily readable check marks for what items where "excellent, good or needed attention." I also received a text version of the full results of their evaluation on my vehicle in case I wanted to use it elsewhere or keep for my records. Wow. Then instead of saying, this or that needs replacing (remember I told them of another issue alongside my major issue) they said, "what you came in with what exactly what you mentioned and not only where you right, but let us show you where." After agreeing to terms and their rate, I was offered a ride to the outlet mall or the movie theatre while I waited for my vehicle repairs. Repairs with premium products mind you. Which I liked, because most repair services quote the low quality and high price the labor to keep you in a lower ball park, but I'd prefer premium grade parts as opposed to cheap or temporary fixes as safety is most important. You can't buy a new car if you lose your life trying to skate buy on cheap repairs. #thinkaboutit I was dropped off and notified of my estimate times and was picked back up by their customer service team member right on time. He quoted me 3 hours of work time and that's just how long it took. Give one hour for parts ordering/pickup and deciding on the repairs. I am also glad to say that i immediately left after being picked up and drove on the worst highway in America (i-4) during rush hour at 4pm-530pm and put the work to the test with maneuvering, braking and acceleration necessary to avoid accident or incident (those of you who drive i-4 know what I'm talking about) and I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth the car performed. They took my already "very well maintained 2007" (C&G's words) and helped put the extra confidence back into her handling and braking. My wife was so impressed that she said, "I wish I could take my car up to Orlando just to get the service you experienced." Also, for other, this may or may not matter, but take this last point with a grain of salt and extract the truth of what I am saying here: I am a low 30's African American man. I came in jeans and a black. I had no suit, no apparent reason, other than being "welcomed to the family" to be treated so well. I truly believed and do believe that I was not a customer, but a client and I just may start taking my vehicle to Orlando, as I frequent the trip, to have our cars serviced while my wife and I enjoy our day using transport, Uber or a C&G customer service rep. ;) If you go anywhere else, unless they treat you to this degree, you're already regretting having done so. Tell them you read my review and they may just give you 5% off. Tell them their "friend" Charles from down south sent you.

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 12/2/2017

C&G was the first place I’ve taken my car to since I’ve moved to Florida and I don’t think I’ll ever go anywhere else. Their staff is so friendly, helpful, and most importantly get the job done. Carlos and Jonathan were so patient with me and I never hesitated to call them. If you want quality car care at an affordable price these are your people. I couldn’t be more thankful for them!

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 12/1/2017

Fast n efficient

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 11/30/2017
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