Very informative

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 7/12/2018

This place is really good has good service and a nice friendly staff.

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 7/6/2018

Staff here is amazing. They don't just tell the customer what needs to be done. They actually take you to your car, show you the problem and educate you about your vehicle. Quite a refreshing change from all the other "chains". Very clean shop and staff makes you feel like family. So happy I found them!

4.5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 7/4/2018

I've been to many auto repair shops over the years, but this is the first place that has treated me like I was a valued and respected customer. More importantly, I have never felt like I was being gouged on the work required or the work done. Also the waiting room is always spotlessly clean, comfortable and pleasantly decorated way in excess of other places I've been. All of these pluses make getting my car worked on a more palatable experience experience!

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 6/15/2018

I am truly grateful to C&G for being honest when it comes to diagnosing my vehicles. I have dealt with some bad mechanics that try to Rob you when it comes to fixing your cars, but not C&G. My experience here has always been true and honest and not to mention that my cars continue to function properly because of them, and this why I continue to bring my cars to C&G

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 6/13/2018

great service

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 6/10/2018

Your # 1 in mechanic work , I really recommend your shop to families and friends 100%. Thank you again.

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 5/28/2018

Thank you very much for your service .

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 5/28/2018

The team here is great! They know how to make the confusing aspects of working on a car simple to understand. They are happy to answer any question you may have and walk you through the repairs. Great service!

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 5/16/2018

I came in last year needing a tune up and check on the brakes. They took care of my car and it ran great. I noticed the brakes started acting up again and took it back about 10 month later (last week). They honored any of the work still under warranty and fixed everything that had been causing the problem and had it completed the same day. Honestly the price is a little high, but I keep going back to them because when you're safety is involved "Great Value" is a bit concerning. They do high quality work, have great service, and is 100% worth the price. I very seriously mean it when I say it is worth the price when you're safety is involved. The same day I picked up my car another vehicle ran through a red light nearly hitting me. Thank god my brakes were 100% otherwise I may not have been able to avoid the accident. PS: Get a Dash Cam!!

5 C & G Auto Center Inc. 5/14/2018