Orlando Timing Belt Replacement

Here at C & G Auto Center in the Orlando, Davenport, and Winter Park area, our auto mechanics love to fix timing belts. When you come in to have your timing belts checked by our auto repair specialists, you might not realize how easily a bad timing belt can ruin your vehicle. Having your timing belts checked is one of those maintenance issues that are so much easier to fix before a timing belt snaps and ruins your engine.

At C & G Auto Center, we would much prefer to check and then replace your timing belts before they break. A timing belt failure could end up costing you big bucks since you could end up having to either buy a new engine or rebuild the engine you have. The timing belt is critical to the health of the engine, and to your safety, and you don’t want just anyone to replace the timing belts or do the maintenance on your vehicle. If you’re driving around the Orlando, Davenport, and Winter Park area, and you suspect your timing belt needs to be looked at (for instance, if you hear a high-pitched shriek), our auto repair specialists are more than happy to take a look.

Why should you bring your vehicle’s timing belt problems to C & G Auto Center in the Orlando, Davenport, and Winter Park area? We’ve been tinkering with cars and timing belts for many years. We have twelve bays, four technicians, and two service advisors. If you’re here in the Orlando, Davenport, and Winter Park area as a tourist, we’ll give you a reasonable rate, plus a nationwide warranty of 24 months / 24K-miles for your peace of mind. Not only that, we will shuttle you to the amusement park while your vehicle is getting its timing belt replaced! We also have a special deal with a towing company, and we can deliver the car for you, so you don’t have to hang out in the waiting room!

Want to know what a past customer of  C & G Auto Center in the Orlando, Davenport, and Winter Park area has to say about us? Here’s a review from a happy customer:

“This was my first time at C & G and I must say I enjoyed my experience.  As a woman, it's hard to find a place I can trust to not take advantage of my lack of auto repair knowledge.  I'm often quoted for services that are not really needed on my car. At C & G, they were quick, efficient, and honest.  The price C & G gave me for my brake repair turned out to be $100 less than one of the chain mechanics in the area. When I left, the mechanic told me about a few maintenance things coming due on my car but assured me my car is in great shape.  Not once did they try to sell me on something I didn't need. I will be returning to C & G for all my auto needs in the future.” -- Becky H.

If your vehicle needs a timing belt replaced, or other preventive maintenance work, please give us a call immediately. We’d love for you to have a great customer service experience here. Our clients in the Orlando, Davenport, and Winter Park area expect wonderful service, and you can, too! Our auto technicians want to help prevent your car from breaking down from something that can be easily prevented. Schedule an appointment today, or stop by. C & G Auto Center is located at 4155 W. Oak Ridge Rd., Orlando FL.

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